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Kpop Sheet Music
Tuesday, June 9, 200911:05 PM
Note that:
- The sheets are listed by singer/band (Except for certain OSTs)
- All of these are gathered sheets found around the net. Credits belong to their original distributor/owner.


Ashily - Lucky (BOF OST)
Ashily - Saranga Naege Ogiman Hae (Witch Yoohee OST)
After School - AH
After School - Because of you

After School - Diva
A.N.JELL - Still/As ever (You're beautiful OST)

A'ST1 - Yearning of the heart (BOF OST)

B2ST - Bad girl
B2ST - Oasis (transcribed by smrr00)

Big Bang (Taeyang) - Don't wanna try
Big Bang (Taeyang) - Wedding dress (transcribed by smrr00)
Big Bang - Fool
Big Bang - Good Man
Big Bang - Haru Haru/Day by day
Big Bang - Heaven
Big Bang - How Gee
Big Bang - Last Farewell
Big Bang - Lies
Big Bang (Seungri) - Strong Baby
Big Bang (Seungri) - Next day
Big Bang - Sunset Glow
Big Bang feat. 2NE1- Lollipop
Big Bang - We belong together
Big Bang (Daesung) - Popular
BOF OST - I know (Saxaphone inst)
BOF OST - Strange sun
BOF OST - La Romanesca
BoA - Every heart
BoA - Listen to my heart
BoA - Valenti
BoA - Atlantis Princess
BoA - Double
BoA - No. 1

*DBSK is known as THSK or Tohoshinki in Japan. In this case, I've chosen to use DBSK for both Jpop and Kpop sections.
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